Management Organization of Trakia Tourism Region

Management Organization of Trakia Tourism Region was established in implementation of
the Tourism Act /TA/ and the National Concept for Tourist Zoning.

Тhe organization is is entered in the national tourist register
The purposes of the Organization for the management of the Thracian Tourist Region are:
To unite local and entrepreneurial initiatives within the OMTTR to overcome the problems of
fragmentation and localism of product development, marketing and advertising activities and the limited
resources of individual companies and local communities. To be a partner of the Ministry of Tourism as a
body that determines the state tourism policy and the legal regulation for the development of the tourism
industry in conducting regional and territorially differentiated policies.
To form a trademark (brand) of the Organization for the management of the Thracian Tourist Region.
To carry out effective advertising of the OMTTR in the country and abroad, according to its specificity
and image, characteristic resources and opportunities for practicing different types of tourism, through
different advertising channels (international and national tourist exchanges and exhibitions, public foreign
press and mass media messages, etc.).
To run proper marketing of the Organization for the management of the Thracian Tourist Region.
To gather and provide information to its members to support their activities in the field of tourism.
To participate in regional, national, European and international projects and programs in the field of
tourism in accordance with the applicable national and European legislation.
To cooperate with similar organizations at home and abroad and to participate in the activities of
European and other international bodies and organizations.
To support, promote, represent, protect and gather the economic and social interests of those involved in
the tourism industry. To help in the tourism activity they carry out and accompanying and supporting
activities before state, administrative and other bodies, organizations, individuals and legal entities in the
country and abroad.
To help the strengthening of the tourism as a leading industry in the country and to achieve sustainable
and responsible development, as well as to increase the competitiveness of the tourism industry.
To assist in the creation of appropriate and adequate, normative conditions, fundamental principles and

standards for the effective and successful tourist activity and its accompanying and servicing activities.
To assist in improving the quality of the tourism products offered and promoting the activity.
To assist in the process of the allies involved in the international political and economic structures, as
well as to achieve effective cooperation and successful implementation.
To observe the establishment of fair business relations, free and transparent competition.
To participate in working groups at the Ministry of Tourism in developing normative acts in the field of
To develop and implement tourism development strategy, product strategies and annual plans for
tourism development on the territory of the Thracian Tourist Region in accordance with the National
Strategy for Sustainable Tourism Development.
To assist the activities of the regional governors and mayors of municipalities in the implementation of
tourism development strategies and programs through opinions and proposals.
To assist the mayors of municipalities in fulfilling their obligations under the Tourism Act.
To assist in the implementation of projects under EU programs.
To assist in attracting investors to the Thracian Tourist Region.

To work for the unification of interests and actions of the executive and local authorities and non-
governmental organizations in the territory of the Thracian Tourist Region.

To organize and carry out activities for training and improving the quality of tourist services.
Collaborate with national and regional media to achieve its goals.


Headquarters of Management Organization of Trakia Tourism Region:
Plovdiv, 4000,
31, “Kn. Mariya Luiza” Blvd.