Adventure tourism

Doing something different in the countryside or in the nature of the Bulgarian mountains is an exciting way to spend your free time. This is an alternative to the mass taste, happening in a friendly company or in a small group. It can be done in an organized or spontaneous way, as long as there is a good will and appropriate conditions and equipment. Among its most popular forms are cycling, horseback riding, boat launching, cave penetration, reaching energy-filled places, or simply meeting ethnography and traditional culture in a particular settlement. Hunters and fishermen who seek nature’s connection in their own way should also not be missed. Thrace has a lot to offer, and in a small area the terrain changes rapidly and varied, creating different opportunities. Whether it is bird watching along the Maritza River and in Sakar mountain, or just a short walk outside the big city, good mood and the desire for adventure are important. Thus, the journey is not only a physical act, but also a spiritual rebirth.