Maintaining old skills is an important part of the cultural identity of a tourist area. Many craftsmen have traditionally worked in Thrace and the presence of large market centers in the past such as Plovdiv, Yambol and Uzundzhovo have attracted many goods from Europe and the Orient. Today, crafts are still alive due to tourists’ interest in quality items that can outlive their masters. In the Old Town of Plovdiv you can visit the Crafts Street, where there are a dozen craftsmen’s studios in four Renaissance houses. Among them masters, who created rifles and combat costumes from the Renaissance. Thrace is a wine region, but there are fewer barrels masters. One of these masters works in the village of Malko Gradishte near Lyubimets. Wool and lace knitting are among the women’s skills that can be seen in different places in the area. Thrace is also known for its jewelry makers who create gold and silver jewelry. Their studios are located in the big cities, and a large jewelry manufacturer is in Rakovski. Topical events such as the Crafts Bazaar in Plovdiv, as well as the Kapana Fest in the city, featuring many of the new applied artists known as “hand made”, are also interesting. Manufacturers of craft foods and beverages who purchase their products to farmers’ markets should also be remembered.