Thrace is the warmth in the broad smiles of the locals. The holidays are particularly lush, and life in general is outdoors. Almost all year round there are festivals and carnival games. Let’s start from Plovdiv, where the events in the city are under the motto of the eternal holiday. The rhythm of life under the Kapana flags is slow and gentle on the senses, and the sounds of rock music often drown out the urban buzz. Stara Zagora is widely known for its opera, as well as the prestigious international festival for puppet theater “Pierot”. Yambol attracts thousands of guests with its Kukerlandia masquerade and local Kukeri groups are part of the traditional life of almost every village in the area. We can’t miss the Haskovo Jazz Festival, one of the cards of this warm city, as well as the “Southern Spring” – a contest for literary debut. The rich land of Thrace gives birth to plenty of delicious food. In almost every settlement in the area there is at least one culinary event during the year. Most of them are in late summer and autumn, with particular emphasis on honoring the work of winegrowers and winemakers. It is an endless holiday in the Thracian tourist region.