The tradition of using the power of mineral springs originates from the Thracians. They were renowned as excellent healers, and the “Sacred Springs of Thrace” were known throughout the Roman Empire. The word SPA comes from the abbreviation “sanus per aquam”, which in Latin means “health through water”. Bulgaria ranks at first line in Europe’s countries in the diversity of thermal mineral waters, which enables the development of modern health tourism. In the Thracian touristic region there are cool mineral waters in the town of Merichleri, hot mineral springs in the Stara Zagora Mineral Baths, Mineralni Bani Municipality near Haskovo, at the village of Varvara in Septemvri Municipality, the village of Banya in Nova Zagora Municipality, as well as the naturally aerated waters near Stefan Karadzhovo in the Yambol region. Most of these locations have modern accommodations and health centers that operate year-round. Plovdiv is a university town with well-developed health tourism, thanks to its good medical professionals who have completed their education at the Plovdiv Medical University.