This is an adventurous tourism for people without fear of the unknown and with interest in industrial and abandoned buildings and sites. It gives way to everyday life in search of urban decay and its dark dimensions. The idea is to show that beauty can be found in every aspect of life. Recently, Plovdiv has become one of the established centers for urban tourism. Old tobacco warehouses, communist symbols such as the Brotherhood Mound and abandoned buildings in the central part of the city are particularly popular. Dimitrovgrad, with its blend of Stalinist architecture and modern urban life, has an exceptional potential for such visits. Old railway tracks with abandoned train stations are also attractive sites. Such an opportunity is provided by the already lost railway line Yambol-Elhovo, which can be reached by bicycle. With the development of the green economy, the existing TPPs in the largest coal basin in the Balkans around Galabovo and Radnevo are also likely to become a worldwide bestseller for urban maniacs. The term Urbex comes from the abbreviation “urban exploration”.