Wine tourism

The Thracians considered wine as a sacred drink that binds people to the gods. It was an integral part of their cult practices. The desire to travel amidst vineyards and wineries today is catching the attention of more and more tourists. Lately, wine destinations in Thrace have been gaining popularity. The secret to this is good “terroir” – the climatic, soil and geographical features combined with the skills of the winegrowers and winemakers to make the best of them. There are at least forty wineries in the Thracian tourist region open for visits and tastings. And delicious local food is always part of the show. Small family breweries, which also contribute to the business card of the area, also should not be missed. Flavors of the region can be tasted at festivals such as “Wine and Gourmet” in Plovdiv, “Augustiada” in Stara Zagora, “At the Harman” in Harmanli, and “BiriMangaro” in Pazardzhik. The biggest wine event in Thrace is in November in Plovdiv – the “Young Wine festival” in the Old Town.

Map of the wine cellars in the Thracian region, which are open to visitors.

*Helpful Hint: Call in advance the wineries you want to visit!​