Urban tourism and shopping

Thracian urban culture has a thousand years of history. Plovdiv is the oldest living city in Europe, famous for its artists. Stara Zagora is also known with its brilliance and vibrant energy, which inspires many poets. The competition between two towns is often carried on the opera stage. In fact in the Thracian tourist region are located two of the five opera theatres of Bulgaria. The world-famous authors Georges Papazov and Ivan Gazdov were born in Yambol, and Pazardzhik is associated with the work of Stanislav Dospevski. Adding to this Brezovo with the house-museum of Zlatyu Boyadzhiev and Chirpan with the legacy of the artist Nikola Manev, Thrace has something to be proud of on the artistic stage. Enjoy the endless holiday in Plovdiv, infamous with the creative district of Kapana. Don’t miss Haskovo, where jazz culture is intriguing. The hidden pearls of the area are Harmanli, Svilengrad and Elhovo, located along the Maritza and Tundzha rivers. The camel is a symbol of Topolovgrad, which hosts an international festival of amateur theaters. There are many markets in Thrace. The largest of them is on Sunday in Dimitrovgrad. The towns of Parvomay, Rakovski and Peshtera also have something to fascinate. The weather is not rushing in the cities of Thrace, and the fairy tales are always more pleasant along with coffee and traditional white sweet.