Villa Yustina Winery

Villa Yustina Winery is situated in the outskirts of the Rhodopi Mountains in Ustina Village, 26 km from Plovdiv, region with a significant wine history.

Villa Yustina was established at the end of 2006 with the idea to be a small boutique winery, where to produce high quality young and barrel aged wines from 300 t of own grapes.

In the region the viticulture and wine-making are believed to have originated from the Thracians, considered the best winemakers.

The main mission of Villa Yustina Winery is the development of quality wines from the Rhodope Collar, combined with wine tourism, in an area with a rich cultural and historical heritage and beautiful nature. Villa Yustina offers a portfolio of quality still and sparkling wines from its own vineyards.


Thanks to its modern equipment and the application of the most modern technologies in production, the wines are competitive on the world market. Proof of which are the numerous medals from local and international wine competitions such as: Mundas Vini, Chardonnay du Monde, Decanter, Concours Mondial, etc.


The wine production of Villa Yustina is presented in three different series – Villa Yustina,                 4 Seasons and Monogram. In 2019, a hotel complex in ethnographic style – Yustina Vilas – was opened near the wine cellar. It combines a modern and cozy look, with a wine style. The Rhodope Collar, where the Villa Yustina wine cellar is located, abounds in beautiful corners and offers visitors to experiment with different types of tourism: eco, cycling, rural, culinary, wine, cultural-historical, etc.


Villa Yustina Wine Cellar is a preferred destination for various events such as folklore parties, rock concerts, picnics, weddings and others.

And last but not least, don’t forget that the motto of Villa Justina is “Emotion in a bottle”, and regarding the visitors of the wine destination – “We welcome guests, send friends”!