Meeting with SEE and Share Partnership partners ERASMUS+

The 24-26 August 2021 meeting in Plovdiv resumed the meetings under the project “See & SHARE”, a strategic partnership under ERASMUS+ – a program for adult education. The project was approved by the European Commission and was due to start in 2020, but due to the pandemic the deadline has been extended by 6 months. It is dynamic, innovative and meets the need to get to know different generations. Whilst generation 18+ has the curiosity and energy, the 55+ generation has the experience and knowledge. The project allows these two to meet and facilitates cultural exchange in both directions. What to witness? What to share? Everything, but especially the cultural heritage and the love for it.

The European dimension is guaranteed by the participation of project partners from 5 different countries: Italy, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, North Macedonia.

The project seeks to answer the following key question – Why is there a need for exchange/mobility for the elderly? While older people have fewer opportunities to travel and have very little knowledge about the European Union’s education program, they are the ones who have witnessed Europe’s most recent history. Moreover, they have been witnessing interesting the European times in which we currently live, brought by the increasing role of technology, increasing personal mobility and the cultural mix of the population.

The project aims at a very large target group aged between 18 and 55 years old. Each partner will use all channels and means to attract young and elderly people to participate in the cultural activities and exchanges that will take place within the framework of the project.

The objectives of the project are to promote intergenerational dialogue about Europe’s history and values and to promote its values by creating routes through places of great symbolic value for Europe’s history and culture.

Project activities include management, training and development meetings. During these exchanges between the members of the target group of the five participating countries, there will be activities specific to each partner. Printed versions will be made with a description of the symbolic places in each city /partner region. The content must also be suitable for use and understanding by both domestic and foreign nationals, highlighting links with other cultures and partner countries. Each partner will capture the selected historical places (monuments, palaces, etc.), each with a personal story that tells something about this place.

The end product of the project is the creation of a common brochure that tells the story of places and people from a personal point of view (photos with places and testimonies of people from different perspectives that gather generations).